Happy New Month Messages, Prayers and Quotes for June 2020 |Sweetest for love ones

Hi! Happy New Month Messages, Prayers and Quotes for June 2020. Welcome to the home of Happy new month Messages and wishes for love ones. Get the messages for your parents, pastors, boyfriend, girlfriend and mates.

Happy New Month Messages

Happy new month messages

Happy new month messages are text messages or wishes sent to love ones for participating in the joy of the bright new month. To be among the living in the new month is enough reason to thank God the Creator for sustaining you. These messages are here to help you wish everybody you care for a happy new month.

Happy New Month For Pastors

Just like your biological parents, your spiritual parents deserve your prayers and wishes. Wish your daddy and mummy in the lord happy new month of May by sending them amazing new month wishes, SMS, quotes and prayers.

Your pastor will be glad to receive any of the following sweet happy new month wishes, prayers and prophetic declarations from you…

1. I will like to welcome you into endless favours and blessings, may good health never leave you and your family this new month and beyond, wishing you all the best in all your ministry this new month.

2. All that you have wished for in the previous month that you couldn’t get, all are coming to you in abundance this new month, my pastor brace up for unbelievable breakthroughs, you will be getting a bumper package this new month, happy new month daddy and mummy.

3. In this new month the Lord will continue to bless you, you will make twice of what you got last month this new month, you shall not want, you will prosper, anything you lay hands on will multiply, so am going to advise you to start handling some hard currencies haha!, happy new month my friend, wish you and your family the best this new month.

4. For it is written in (Rev 3:8) I have set before you an open door and no one can shut it, in this new month all shut doors in your life have been opened, there shall be an overflow of blessings and favours. Brace up daddy and mummy in the lord. Happy new month.

5. This new month your disappointments will turn into favours, start to rejoice because of joy, peace, honor, wealth, victory is all yours for the taking, happy new month man of God.

6. My dear! This month, You will be too loaded to be stranded. You will experience smooth acceleration even in the midst of recession. You will overtake and take over all your possessions.

7. All hindrances on your way shall be crushed by fire in this new month and God himself shall straighten your crooked ways in Jesus’ name. I wish you Happy new month and new anointing.

8. Every situation that is appearing hopeless in your life, God will intervene this month and you will have causes to be hopeful again in Jesus name. Happy new month.

9. Great is his faithfulness. If he has promised to do it, he will at the appointed time. I pray heaven will hasten to deliver your blessings this month in Jesus name. Happy new month to you.

10. An outstanding miracle awaits you this new month, only if you believe. Prepare your heart and be ready to receive heaven’s gift. Happy new month of wonder.

11. Freedom from oppressors is my earnest wish for you this new month. Everyone oppressing you shall be put to shame as God is rewriting your story today. Happy new month of fresh fire.

12. Because you have God, you have all things and even in abundance. I pray, henceforth, you shall not lack any good thing in life in Jesus name. Happy new month.

13. The Lord is supplying all your needs today the first of a new month, in Jesus name. Expand your barn and be set to receive in multiple folds. Happy new month to you sir/ma.

Happy New Month Messages for Parents

Happy New month wishes for my daddy: Thinking about the best happy new month sms and test messages to send to your Father this month of May, then consider any of the following special and beautifully made messages as adapted from lovelytextmessages:

1. Dad, I wish you a beautiful and amazing new month ahead of you. Happy New Month!

2. It’s a start of a new era and I wish you all that is good in life this month and always. Happy New Month to you, my sweet daddy.

3. All your efforts in this new month will not be in vain as you will reap the fruits of your labour. Happy New Month dad.

4. Your joy and happiness in this new month will know no boundaries. Happy New Month my father. I cherish you forever.

5. Each and every day in this new month will bring you a step closer to your dreams. Happy New Month to the best dad in the world – You.

6. Happiness, joy, gladness, laughter, success and prosperity are all yours this month and beyond. Happy New Month my dad.

7. Like the eagle, you will fly above every obstacle on your way to success in this new month. Happy New Month to you, dad.

8. Just like precious stones, you will always and forever be valued. I cherish you always. Happy New Month my sweet daddy.

February Sweet Happy New Month Wishes For my Mom: Your sweet mother deserves sweet wishes.

If you are still wondering about the best happy new month sms and test messages to send to your parents this month of February, then consider any of the following special and beautifully made messages as adapted from lovelytextmessages:

1. May God keep you far away from sorrow, pain and suffering in this new month. And may you always have a reason to be grateful and happy. Happy New Month to you, my beautiful mum.

2. Challenges and difficulties will be far from you. And God will always provide you with solutions whenever the need arises in this new month. Happy New Month mummy.

3. It’s time you begin to enjoy all the toils and ups and downs of the previous month. Step into your month of blessings and happiness. Happy New Month mum.

4. Best of good fortunes and pleasant hopes are my wishes for you today and beyond. Happy New Month to you, mum.

5. This new month will a month to remember for good and may God fill you with love and happiness. Happy New Month mum.

6. May you continually stay strong, stay positive and stay focused today and beyond. Happy New Month mom.

7. May the good Lord perfect everything that needs perfection in your life today as you begin a new month. Happy New Month to you, my beautiful mum.

8. May this month be your month of happiness and prayers answered. Happy New Month to you, mother.

9. Everything you’ve been deprived of in the past, may God restore them for you in this new month. Happy New Month, my beautiful mum.

10. I wish you the very best in life today and throughout this month. Happy New Month to you, sweet mother.

Happy New Month Messages for My Boyfriend

Happy New Month Messages for your Boyfriend: If you have ever wondered the best sweetest happy new month wishes to send to your boyfriend in May 2019 then this beautiful collection is for you.

Messages for your boo…

1. Relationship means two relations in a ship. With you I gat no worries, my future is secure. Happy new month my boo of life.

2. This is to my beloved boo, with love, for being such a wise and good person. You’re the one who lights up my life and my hopes. I love you dearly. Wishing you a beautiful new month of great accomplishments.

3. Another month has passed, another month has come. I wish for you, that with every month you touch all your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Month.4. Happiness Keeps YOU SWEET, Trials Make YOU STRONG, Sorrows Keeps YOU HUMBLE, Success Keeps YOU GLOWING. Have a lovely new month.5. Hey dearie, This is the first day of the new month.  It can also be a new start of your life. Take a long breath and start going ahead towards your destination. Best Of Luck,  Happy New Month!

Happy New Month Messages for your Girlfriend

weet Happy New Month Messages to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

1. Another month is here and my heart feels uncomfortable cause you’re far away, but when fear arises, I think of you and our time together, and that gives me comfort.

2. ‎For there is a season, and a time for everything and matter, this is a new season for us honey, let’s hold hands and face this new month together.

3. ‎‎A new day began today, no one knows this but it’s a new beginning and a fresh start for me, because I get to see your lovely face, I am strengthened to face another month.

4. ‎The old days are over, all behind us now, though we don’t know what the future holds, we can start finding out from this new month arriving.

5. ‎Even if you feel the last month has shot some stress at you, and you feel exhausted, worry not, a new sun has risen and I am here to relieve you of your stress.

Happy New month Messages to Friends, Sisters and Brothers

1. May your days be bright and may this month radiate beautifully in all you do. Happy new month my love.

2. My treasure! A beautiful month, beautiful days and constant greatness are what I pray for you this month. Happy new month, my Dearest.

3. Sweetheart! My greatest desire for you this month is that all your pending request be answered with extra blessings. Happy new month Darling.

4. Gradually, the weeks would roll away but I pray for you that you’ll roll in this month with great success in all ramifications. Happy new Month sweetie.

5. Let me begin by saying. Baby! Happiness, peace, love, goodness and mercy shall never take a break from your life. Love you dear. Happy new month love

I hope the Happy New Month Messages, Prayers and Quotes for January 2020 |Sweetest for love ones are indeed sweet and helpful.

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