HOW TO PASS THE SAT EXAMS 2019 – Complete Guide

Welcome to How to Pas SAT Exams 2019. Here we are going to give you a complete guide on SAT Upcoming Examination.

The exam is one of the biggest for many athletes and students when it comes to studying in the United States. For many, it’s a challenge with many headaches and a lot of stress. Also, for many the lack of time is a problem

To the difficulty of combining high school and sports, we must add the need to prepare the SAT and the TOEFL. But do not worry. You have already reached the rescue.

Thanks to this guide you will learn:

  • What is the SAT exam
  • The sections of the SAT test
  • How and when to register
  • What notes do you need to take
  • The best free resources as well as payments (SAT courses)


The SAT exam is the exam that gives access to the university in the United States. All American universities of 4 years require these SAT tests to access them. The SAT exam does not evaluate the knowledge you have acquired in the institute during high school, but they evaluate your future learning capacity. That is to say, they evaluate your way of reasoning, not like in the TOEFL exam (where they evaluate your knowledge of English).

For that reason, it is not necessary that you have finished the High school to be able to take the SAT exam.


The SAT exam is important to:

  • Get sports scholarships. If you want to obtain sports scholarships in the USA, it is essential that you pass the SAT exam, since both the NCAA and the NAIA take it into account as a requirement when granting eligibility to athletes.
  • Obtain academic scholarships. One of the most important requirements when it comes to obtaining academic scholarships in the United States is to obtain good results both in the SAT exam, as in the TOEFL and in the institution.
  • Admission to universities. At the time of being admitted or not in universities in the United States, the SAT exam counts a lot, since in most universities of 4 years it is an indispensable requirement to be able to access them.
  • Admission into TOP Universities . If the SAT is already important in a normal university, in TOP university it is much more. The competition to enter these universities is very high, so having a good grade in the SAT will make things much easier.


The SAT exam has two sections: Reading / Writing and Math, formed by reading comprehension, writing and mathematics.

It also has an optional section, the Essay, which lasts 50 minutes and where you will analyze the argument of an author.

Each section of the SAT exam is scored on a scale between 200 and 800, so that 1600 is the maximum.

In total, you have 100 minutes to do the first section and 80 minutes for the second section.

All in a total of 3 hours.

With what in summary, this is the SAT exam:

  • Reading Test: 65 minutes, 52 questions.
  • Writing and Language Test: 35 minutes, 44 questions.
  • Math – No Calculator Section: 25 minutes, 20 questions.
  • Math – Calculator Section: 55 minutes, 38 questions.
  • Essay: 50 minutes

Reading / Writing

This first section of the SAT tests focuses a lot on the analysis of literature, social studies, and scientific texts. There is also a part of vocabulary.

In this section of the SAT exam there are two parts, called Evidence-Based

Reading and Writing.

The aim:

  • Identify the keys and conclusions of a text.
  • Interpret the information and data included in graphs and tables.
  • Understand the reasoning and arguments used by the author.
  • Improve structure, focus and vocabulary

The two parts of this section can add up to 800 points.


This section of the SAT exam focuses a lot on algebra, on equations and on data interpretation through graphs and tables.

The purpose of this section is to assess the skills and ability of mathematical reasoning.

This section of the SAT tests has 3 main areas:

  1. Heart of Algebra: Linear equations and systems of linear equations.
  2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis: Problem solving based on the use of percentages, ratios, data analysis, interpretation of graphs, etc.
  3. Passport to Advanced Math: solving problems with a little more mathematical complexity, including solving equations, functions, trigonometry, complex numbers, polygons, etc.

In total, these areas add up to 800 points as well.


Optional section of the SAT exam. It depends on each university.

In this section, three areas are evaluated:

  • Reading
  • Analysis
  • and Writing.

In 2016 the New SAT came into force. The main changes were:

Vocabulary. The most common and current words that you will use in college are used in the new SAT test.

So you know, keep reading because the SAT is now much easier and thanks to the resources I have prepared you will get the best grade of the class.


The ideal date to appear for the first time to the SAT exam is in first of baccalaureate, two years before starting the university.

To register for the SAT exam you must do it on the official College Board page, at least three weeks before the exam date.

To register follow the following steps:

  1. Take 45 minutes to do it.
  2. Go to the College Board registration page by clicking here: SAT Registration
  3. Click on ¨Register Now¨ once you enter the next page.
  4. Make a profile on College Board by clicking on “Sign Up”.
  5. Fill in all the information requested.
  6. Once you have your profile, you will be redirected to the registry.
  7. Here you will be asked for a lot of information. Take it easy. It can last half an hour.
  8. Finally you will have to pay (the exam costs $ 54.55).
  9. Finally you will receive the confirmation in your email.

The SAT exam can be done in many cities internationally

And on the following dates for 2019:



Division 1 NCAA (+900)

Although everything depends on your high school diploma.

The better the average, the lower grade you will need in the SAT exam.

Of course, at least you will need a 2.3 in your GPA (6/10 of average in Baccalaureate).

Division 2 NCAA (+900)

You will need at least 900 points between the two obligatory sections of the SAT exam.

Also from August 2018 you will need a minimum grade of 2.2 in your GPA (6/10 average Baccalaureate).

NAIA (+860)

You will need 860 points between the two obligatory sections of the SAT, which are Reading / Writing and Math.

Although I recommend you take a 940 to have better opportunities.

Academic Scholarships (+1050)

To obtain academic scholarships, universities usually request more than 1050 points.

In addition, the average grade of Bachillerato is also important, where you should obtain a 3.5 GPA (8.5 on average).

International Scholarships (+950)

To obtain international scholarships, universities usually request more than 950 points on SAT tests.

Also, you should also take more than 60 on the TOEFL.

Admission into top Universities (+1300)

By TOP universities I mean those of the IVY League (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc).

Here you will be asked for more than 1300 SAT tests to enter, and may reach 1400.

You will also need a very high GPA.

SAT courses to prepare you for the exams

If you were to do an exam that you have never done, you would choose to prepare yourself with a team of professionals, right?

You needs professors who have experience and who will help you give the last push you need.

That’s why I have decided to introduce the SAT Online course of Magoosh: Magoosh SAT Test Prep

And all thanks to the fact that this SAT course includes:

  • Video lessons
  • More than 400 practical questions
  • The best American professors experts in the SAT exam
  • And best of all, you can try the FREE SAT course for 7 days before buying it so you can see everything inside and see how it works.

If today you can enjoy both a sports and academic scholarship it is thanks to this SAT course: Magoosh SAT Test Prep

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