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Dear esteem reader, we are happy to welcome you to the privacy policy and terms & conditions page of udyinfobank.


Once again, you are welcome to udyinfobank. Dear reader, the write up below shows and regulate the way and manner of usage of every contents in this blog, be it e-book, publication, news on any category of this blog, advertisement placed on this blog or any other products or services or services you may find in this blog including images and videos.
Therefore, by using this blog, it means that you have fully read and understood, agrees and acknowledge all the policies and terms of use of this blog.

This blog, by that I mean is owned by the sole administrator being the developer of this blog. Although there may be other administrators at different categories of this blog, the sole administrator of udyinfobank remains the sole controller of all the HTML coding, css and the entire template of this blog (this is for security purposes). On no account shall any category administrator penetrates into the above mentioned areas, as it is solely the property of the sole administrator of udyinfobank. Note, by category, I mean the news section, the entertainment section, the politics section, the school news section and any other section that may be added in future.


As a reader of this the contents of this blog, you accepts, understand and acknowledge that the information or reader’s particulars that may be collected in this blog, may be accessed, stored, process and retained indefinitely in areas where the privacy policy law may differ (either low or high in quality) from the privacy law of the reader’s area. Therefore, as the reader uses the contents of this blog, the reader accepts the method of usage. This policies and terms of use is provided according to Google adsense policies together with all other search engines terms and conditions of use.


As you make use or read any contents on education on this blog, you agree that the contents you are reading is fully guided and protected by copyright law. Therefore, on no account, unless given proper authority by the sole administrator of this blog, shall the reader copy, reproduce, publish, edit, transmit or adapt the pattern or style of presentation of contents on this blog. If the reader shall do so, the reader must not on any ground forget to reference and acknowledge the name of this blog. But on the account which he must use without referencing, he must obtain adequate authority to do so by the sole administrator of this blog.


We the entire udyinfobank team wishes to make this clear to all our readers that the news on politics written on this blog follows the daily happenings on the world of politics, and as such, information on politics written on this blog may at some point be outdated, but we promise to keep most of our information updated with current happenings. This also applies to all other categories.


This blog only acts as a mediator to keep you updated with all the job vacancies available, the entire udyinfobank team do not on any account offers these jobs or promises to offer them to any reader, but the guidelines to applying for this job will be included in the post about that particular job.


This blog (udyinfobank) shall at some point transfer or refer the reader to other websites or blog for reference purposes. In that case, the reader accepts that the third party sites have their own policy and terms of usage which differ from the one of udyinfobank, therefore, on no account shall udyobankinf be liable for any inconveniences these differences may cause our readers. Also, this blog partners with Google in terms of advertisement purposes, in such a case, the reader also agrees to abide by the Google adsense policy.


The entire udyinfobank is very much determined and committed to the privacy of our readers, so as such, we acknowledge that we shall protect your privacy and non of your personal details shall be given to any third party exception of information like the type of browser you are using, the blog or website that led you to our blog, the reader’s language, the reader’s country, the reader’s location, the reader’s IP address and the time in which the reader accesses our blog.
NOTE: The above privacy policy is subject to change at any point in time by the udyinfobank  team without consulting or notifying the readers of this blog. In that case, the readers are required to monitor the privacy policy page of this blog in case there is any changes in the privacy policy. This blog can be access by anybody.
This was updated last on 19/01/2018.