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WAEC Physics Practical Answers 2020/2021 Objectives and Theory. Welcome, Many candidates who registered for the Ongoing 2020 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination are currently online in search of the right answers to the questions and specifically to Physics Practical as the case may be. Here we are going to guide you on how to provide the right answers to WAEC 2020 Physics Practical questions.

WAEC Physics Practical Answers 2020

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WAEC physics Answers

WAEC 2020 Physics Practical answers to questions

The Objectives part of the Examination is provided for students to make the right option. On that note, students are advised to always read the Questions Carefully before attempting to provide answers. Do not presume you saw the questions somewhere, there might be changes, read it at least three times before making your choice.

WAEC Physics Practical Theory Answers 2020

WAEC Physics Practical Alternative Work:

QUESTION 1:a) Diagram

waec physics practical 2020

You are provided with three retort stands, a pendulum bob, drawing board, stop-watch and other necessary apparatus. Using the diagram above as a guide, carry out the following instructions:

(i) Fix the drawing paper on the drawing board and hold the board with two clamps such that its vertical.
(ii) Suspend the pendulum bob such that it hangs freely in front of the drawing appear.
(iii) Draw a line RP representing the rest position of the pendulum string and mark the position P of the centre of the pendulum bob at rest.
(iv) Displace the pendulum bob to one side in a plan parallel to the drawing board.
(v) Mark the new position p¹ of the centre of the bob.

(vi) Measure and record the perpendicular distance, d of pi from the line RP.
(vii) Evaluate and record d2•
(viii) Measure and record the vertical height h of p¹ above P.
(ix) Evaluate G =d2/h
(x) Repeat the procedure for four other oppositions of p.

(xi) tabulate your readings.
(xii) remove the drawing board so that the pendulum bob can swing freely.
(xiii) Set the pendulum bob oscillating through a small amplitude and determine the time t for 20 oscillations.
(xiv) determine and record the period T.
(xv) plot a graph with G on the vertical axis and h on the horizontal axis, starting both axes from the origin (0, 0).
(xvi) Determine the intercept 1 on the horizontal axis.
(xvii) Evaluate A = 1/(19.7)2
(xviii) State two precautions taken to obtain accurate results.
(Attach your drawing paper to your answer booklet).

How to Answer WAEC Physics Practical Questions

  1. Adhere to the Examinations instructions
  2. Make sure you fill and write your details where required
  3. Read questions carefully before providing answers
  4. Do not waste too much time on one question
  5. Start with the question you know best.

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WAEC is one of the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations that guarantees a Secondary School graduate the chance to progress to the next academic level (Tertiary institution).

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), and The National Business And Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) are the other SSCE examinations that provides you with an easy passage to any university of your choice as far as you pass them and you pass your UTME examination (JAMB).

Most people often wait till they get to SS3 before sitting for WAEC Examination because they are ignorant of the fact that all students ranging from SS2 are qualified to register and partake in the examination.

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